Size, Color and Coats

Our Dogs come in 3 sizes

  • Miniatures, 14-16 inches tall  with a weight range of 15-25 lbs.
  • Mediums, 17-20 inches tall with a weight range of 30-45 lbs.
  • Standards, 21-24 inches tall with a weight range of 50-65 lbs.

We measure from the top of the shoulder to the floor

Coat Types

Wavy Fleece – Length is usually around 5 inches long. The Fleece coat texture should be light and silky quite similar to that of an Angora goat. Appearing “to contain a silky lanolin”, the fleece coat can be from loosely waved giving an almost straight appearance to deeply waved. Kemp is often found around the eyes and topline. The absence of kemp is highly prized. Fleece coats rarely if ever shed. A slight shedding may occur and may be determined to the degree of wavy / curly. The less curly, the more chance of slight shedding

Curly Fleece –

Wool –  Coats are more dense to the feel like a sheep’s wool.

To keep the wool coat long and flowing will require more maintenance. The wool coat looks beautiful cut shorter and is very easy to maintain. Grooming and a trim or clip three or four times a year is all that is required to keep the short wool coat looking great.

Colors –  these are the colors we produce here at Southern Cross Australian Labradoodles

Chalk –

Apricot –

Apricot Cream –

Gold –

Caramel –

Red –

Black –

Silver –

Chocolate –

Cafe – Born Milk Chocolate of varying shades, and have the same gene as the silver dogs, often taking up to 3 years to fully color out to multi shades of chocolate, silvery chocolate and silver throughout. When given plenty of time in the sunshine, they develop stunning highlights

Lavendar – A Definite, even smoky lavender chocolate, giving almost pink/lilac appearance. Lavender dogs are born Chocolate and can be difficult to distinguish at a young age. Any other color throughout the Lavender is highly undesirable. True Lavender belongs to the Rare Color Group.

Parti –

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